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HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] whenbuffysmiles!!!! I hope you have a fantastic day!!

I actually had quite a nice weekend for a change!! YAY!

Friday: My friend (from work) and I went to see Elizabethtown, and we both loved it! I only had one gripe, and that was with the ending. It was too short/quick...I'm hoping the DVD will have the full version. Other than that all was good...there were parts that reminded me sooo much of my huge family on my dads side and I laughed out loud several times. Hee! Also, Kaitlin got her report card and she made straight A's for the 1st 6weeks of 5th grade. I am one proud Mama!!

Saturday: Errand/grocery shopping day...That part went fine, but the part where I said,"When we get home we are going through all the winter clothes..." not so much. Hee! I was a lazy slug the rest of the day and barely cooked dinner. :P

Sunday: Made vegetable soup and cornbread...and actually did a couple loads of laundry. That's an accomplishment, especially seeing how I had my jammies on until around 4pm. :D

Well that sums up my weekend, and I'm currently making my list of "things I have to do this week" right now. I lead such an exciting life! ;)

And before I forget...[ profile] angstchic, I lurve the new Goldfrapp CD...2,3, and 6 are my faves so far. Thanks again girl! *hugs*

Hope everyone has a lovely week!


Oct. 12th, 2005 04:19 pm
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I promised myself to start updating again on a regular basis, and I'm failing miserably. No more promises, except to do the best I can. *sigh* I feel so much better now. :P

Since the last time I updated, I've only had time to watch one Firefly episode from my DVDS and I caught "Jaynestown" on the sci-fi channel. I definitely like what I've seen so far, and hopefully I will have a free weekend soon so I can watch the rest! I am making time to see Elizabethtown this friday, and I will be going with one of my friends from work. We have been counting the days and it will give us both a much needed escape from work and home...even if it's just for a few hours. *is excited* Also, Mike has already informed me he watched the trailer and the movie is a definite chick flick which he would rather not be made to see. Hee!

I did finally catch up with [ profile] angstchic last week, and being the doll that she is...she sent me a prezzie in the mail and according to Kaitlin...we got it today!! I will open when I get home and squeeing will be heard!! Thanks in advance chicka...I know I will love it!! *big hugs and smoochies*'s LOST night!! :D

[ profile] rikki_oko, I've been thinking of you hon! *huggles*
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Today has been a hectic and tiring day so why am I still awake? I worked all day and then drove an hour to visit with my mom who is in town this weekend. We met her about 8pm for dinner and left the restaurant at about 10pm. It was great seeing her because I miss her terrible most of the time, but I was so tired. Now when I should be sleeping the sleep of the exhausted...I'm wide AWAKE!! *grrrr*

I finally changed my's totally different and unusual for me...since it's Orlando Bloom, but I loved the header(which was made and generously shared by [ profile] arthael) and colors...and he is a cutie pie that is going to be in a new movie called "Elizabethtown". This is a movie that I can't wait to see, and I haven't been excited over a movie in a long time. Maybe it's the mood I've been in lately...but it makes me happy to be gushing over something new. :D So, new fangirl musings...and just maybe this smile will be around for awhile. Ooooo! I made a rhyme. *snert*

Tomorrow will be full of shopping with my mom, and there are some much needed domestic goddess duties to tend to when I find an extra 3 days. Hee!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

*squishes the f-list*


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