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Merry Christmas everyone!!

It's been a great day with my family! I ate way too much and then after everyone,my hubby, and our fur baby Daisy May took a 3 hour nap! Haha!!

I hope everyone enjoyed their holiday! *hugs*


Nov. 25th, 2015 09:27 am
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My Momma is coming in from Tennessee today and I'm leaving work at noon so I can start my visit early! I'm so excited that I get to eat my Momma's cooking tomorrow!😬
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Most people don't know I have a half brother whose 15 years younger than me. My dad remarried when I was 12yrs old and had a son, but since we were so far apart and I lived with my mom we only saw eachother on some weekends and I always had sooo much fun with him. Then when I started driving, then dating, and kinda doing my own thing, I didn't see him as much and when he was 12yrs old my dad and his mom divorced, and he stayed with his mom. From that point on I really only knew what he was doing through dad and I haven't seen him for almost 9yrs. I knew he moved to South Carolina about 3yrs ago, and enlisted in the Navy. Dad was living in VA then and he would keep me updated, but since dad moved back here he's only talked to my brother a handful of times. For the last year he hasn't heard from him and we didn't know what was up, or where he was. So an amazing thing happened...I joined Facebook two weeks ago and typed in his name. He sent me a private message three days later, and we've been talking off and on since. He's on a ship in the Middle East for an 8 month deployment. He lost his cell and didn't get dads messages and he's so happy I found him and misses us very much! I feel so blessed to have him back in my life! My little brother is a 25yr old Navy Petty Officer. I've cried so many times the past couple of weeks, but they're happy tears! Life is good! :)


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