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I really can't believe it's been over a year since I've posted on LJ. To tell the truth it's kind of shocking...I didn't think it had been this long. Lots have happened in a year, and it has flown by.  I promised myself that starting in January I would start updating weekly and [personal profile] angstchicsuggested monthly, and I thought no problem...yeah...who was I kidding!! 

January 19th Kaitlin broke her left arm and had to be put to sleep to set it. Life then reverted back to when she was about 5. I had to wash her hair, help her dress, pack backpack, ect.  for 6 weeks. It was tough especially when you're out of practice. My back was killing me! Hee! She got her cast off last Friday and is doing fine, and now I think I have my little bit of free time least for now. Softball season is quickly approaching!

Mike got a fantastic job last June, and he's happy and I'm happy, and life is good! We bought a 2008 Jeep Wrangler 4 door which I lurrrvvvvve,  and it's mine (all mine) and I'm really looking forward to warmer weather so I can take the top off!!  

I know there's more to tell, but I'm having trouble thinking right now, and I have pictures to share as soon as I figure out how to use this nifty new LJ screen. 

*hugs f-list* 

edit---Happy 10th Buffy!! Oh how I miss you and the life we once shared! The Monday morning wild feeds, the spoilers, nekkid Spike, Spuffy,  the one hour phone calls before the show with my heifers [personal profile] angstchic, and [profile] eyesthatslay!

What wonderful memories *sniff*

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I can't believe it's been a month since I last updated! I guess it's true...time does fly when you're having fun. :D Since Mike started his new job and started getting a regular paycheck we have been doing some much deserved endulging for the last new cell phones (I got a RAZR! Squeeee!), and an iPod (which is the coolest thing eva!):D Plus we've been going out to eat and seeing movies, and just enjoying life for a change, it has been so nice!!! Just getting rid of the stress level has been wonderful!

I need to catch up with everyone and plan to do so "hopefully" by this's on my list along with my goal list which I have completely abandoned in lieu of the FUN! :P

*Hugs and smooches to everyone*
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This has been the longest week, I'm not sure why exactly, but even today feels like it's going by so slow. On the other hand, if I was home time would fly by. Go figure! So far I have no exact plans for the weekend other than sleeping late, laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning house...and that's quite enough thank you! I'm sooo thankful, and sooo happy that Mike is back to work...and has a good job that he is liking, but I miss how he kept the house straightened, the laundry caught up, and the dishwasher empty. :( Now we both have to work extra in the evenings just to keep on top of everything. *waaaah*

Now for the non-whiny variety...

I'm still doing very well on my goal list except for a couple(or three)of dinners this week that were of the very tasty but not of the healthy. HEE! So no weight loss this week, but I didn't gain any either. Hopefully we'll do better next week...we just have to get into a routine again.

I am curious to know how [ profile] eyesthatslay is liking Veronica Mars, and whether I'll be tempted next. I even looked to see when it airs in my's 12midnight on Wedesdays?? But it replays on Saturdays at 3pm. That is sooo weird.

1 hour 32 minutes and counting)until I can leave work ...


Jan. 29th, 2006 07:56 pm
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It's been a week and most of my goals have been kept except I missed 2 days out of 7 on the exercise...not too shabby methinks. I've lost 3 pounds, but more importantly I feel better! Also, I'm not struggling with sticking to the list and that is a good sign. :D Mike starts his new job on February 1st, and it's just the best news we've had in sooo long!! I can see the light at the end of the tunnel! I can't wait to start paying off some bills and putting money back into savings. It's just such a blessing, and prayers do get answered!!

Last night I had a wonderful phone chat with [ profile] eyesthatslay, *HUGS* it was so much fun and great catching up. We discussed LOST and the possible ships/plot theories and it's nice to know I'm not the only one lost. HEE! :P Now I just need to call [ profile] angstchic and catch up with her and all will be right in my little part of the world. I really miss our weekly calls before Buffy/Angel. Those were the days chickas!!!

Today we went to church, then Kaitlin went bowling with the youth group. They didn't get home until 3:30p and we headed straight to Wal-Mart, and got home just in time for Kaitlin to go back to church for the evening service. She is so tired and trying to finish up her math homework (that I tried to get her to finish yesterday, but nooooo...)and she is whining, it's NOT pretty people. *head desk* We are both learning a lesson from this...I will (from now on) force the homework issue, and she WILL DO AS I SAY!! Then there will be no more giving mommy a headache on Sunday night at 8pm.

Okay, enough yammering from me...I hope everyone is well and has a wonderful week!

*HUGS and SMOOCHES* to all!!
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MIKE GOT THE JOB!!! *does snoopy dance* :D

I am beyond happy right now, and so is he! I guess we will be having dinner out tonight...good thing I've been sticking to my goals for the week. :P


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