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I'm so happy Trueblood is back on and giving me something to look forward to on a weekly basis! Season 3 has started out with lots of hot Viking goodness with much more to come. I'm really glad I read the books first. I know some people are disappointed with the storyline not following the books exactly, but I think it makes it more interesting. I will say though, since it was announced today Trueblood was picked up for a 4th season, I am very much hoping with every fiber of my being for the lurvely SHOWER SCENE!!! PLEASE... FOR THE LOVE OF GODRIC... GIVE ME THE SHOWER SCENE!!! :P

Hello, My name is Angie and I'm addicted to Eric Northman!!
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I have been reading so much fanfic lately and I'm getting addicted again! I started reading some of my favorite Spuffy fics first([ profile] rikki_oko), then it's moved to Trueblood! Eric/Sookie...It's definitely my new ship, and I can't wait for the new season to start in June! And... the 10th book in the Sookie Stackhouse collection is out next month. How fun!

Supernatural was fantastic tonight! I especially liked it when Gabriel said Lucifer was a big bag of dicks! Bwhahahaa!! I lurve this show. :D
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Let's see...since I posted last:

♥ My baby girl started high school. *sniff sniff* I was feeling old until the first day when I was dropping her off and the guy directing traffic thought I was a student and sent me to student parking. :P

♥ I have a shiny new cherry red Dell laptop like in the commercial!
(lollipop, lollipop, oh lolli lolli lolli :D)

♥ I am completely addicted to True Blood and I'm already an Eric and Sookie shipper. Already reading fanfic and becoming sleep deprived like in the good ole Spuffy days.

♥ Finished all my canning for this year. I just have to finish freezing corn which should be done by tomorrow night.

I guess that pretty much covers it...

*HUGS* to the friend list
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I've been a busy, busy girl the last couple of months with very little time to post. I think that's why I'm enjoying twitter quite a bit, since it's short little posts and I can keep up. But I felt it was time for a real update so here it goes...

In May, I went on Kaitlin's 8th grade trip to Virginia Beach, VA on a took almost 10hours...I will not be doing that again! The beach and Colonial Willamsburg were both nice, but I was exhausted for days after. I just can't beleive my babygirl is starting high school in August. *sniff*

In June, Mike and I watersealed the deck and worked around the house cleaning gutters, planting flowers and general yard stuff...the house looks better than it has in a long time which makes me very happy! It's so nice to have all the big chores out of the way, but I still have so much more to do, like going through clothes, and getting rid of a bunch of Kaitlin's things she never even looks at anymore.

And this month, well, my birthday was July 1st and Mike's was July 11th so we went to Myrtle Beach for 4days. Kaitlin brought a friend and it was so nice to just that Kaitlin's older she can do things she wants *within reason* without having me chase after her. So Mike and got to sit on the beach and just be, just thinking about it makes me smile. Hee!

I've been watching TrueBlood season far very entertaining, and I've watched seasons 1-3 of Gilmore Girls and waiting on S4 in the mail. I think when I'm finished with those I will be starting on Supernatural, and catching up on 4 books I need to read. Shouldn't I be like working in some exercise in there??? I guess I get that by picking green beans and corn at dads and I've already started up the canning again. Wheew! I said I was busy. ;)

Anywho, I hope my f-list is doing well, and I'll try to catch up on that this weekend.

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Not much new happening with me lately other than being dog tired, and sitting here wondering why I'm on the computer rather than sleeping. Probably because I've been meaning to update for the last couple of weeks and I keep putting it off, so now when I try to sleep I start thinking...and here I am.

Going ons:
♥ I started watching the new series Trueblood on HBO last Sunday, and I really wasn't sure what to expect because I've read all the books and sometimes "teevee" doesn't do them justice, but I enjoyed the first episode and looking forward to the new one tonight. So far all the characters are really close to matching how I pictured them, now I hope they keep with the storyline.

♥ I barely exercised this week and we ate out way too much and I gained 3 pounds which is teh suck!

♥ I bought a really cute pair of yoga pants for less than 10.00 which will be getting a lot of use due to the above. Hee!

♥ The hubby cleaned the house and did laundry today while I was at work! *pets hubby*

♥ I finally finished canning and freezing vegetables! YAY!

That's about it...boring but true. :P

Hope everyone is safe and well *HUGS*


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