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Okay, Supernatural made me laugh so hard too many times tonight, and I feel great! Dean calling Ghandi a smurf, and that he was kinda squirrely! Bwhahaaa! Sam telling Dean Ghandi was a fruitarion...and the look on Deans face. Thursday is my favorite day of the week now, even Vampire Diaries, that I must watch with Kaitlin, was a little more entertaining this week. It's fun now that Kaitlin is older, to like some of the same things and be able to enjoy them together. Believe me, the other 6 days of the week she makes the most of annoying me with her smart mouth and teenage girl drama. It's nice to have one night we can both agree on something. Hee!!


Oct. 2nd, 2009 11:19 pm
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Work was hell this week so I started my weekend off right and had Chili's ribs for dinner with chocolate chip molten lava cake for desert. Yummm! Then I came home and put my jammies on and have been reading some Trueblood fanfic and relaxing. It's so nice to just do nothing. *sigh*

I really enjoyed Supernatural last night...very entertaining I must say, and having two Deans on the screen was quite a treat for the eyes and should be illegal! Really loving this season so far and can't believe I just started watching faithfully midseason last yr. Luckily Fringe is on hulu! All the good shows are on Thursdays at the same times this season.

Kaitlin's been making me watch the Vampire Diaries with her since it's on before but I just can't get into it. So I'm at least making the effort for some mother daughter time even though the main vampire reminds me of a brooding Angel with his oh tormented me act, and I was wishing death of the blonde girl in the first episode since she annoyed me so much. Hee! Almost got my wish last night...almost. My favorite part is every time I think someones gonna get attacked I say, "well she's dead...or yep he's toast" and Kaitlin says,"OMG would you stop Mom". What can I say...It keeps me entertained. :P

Hope everyone has a nice relaxing weekend!
*hugs to the f-list*


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