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Location:West Virginia, United States of America

💁~ Not Afraid To Be Me~

About me...I was born on July 1st, the morning after a full moon, and I really am a moon child! I'm happily married, the dreaded bill collector, I have a beautiful daughter, 1 dog (my 2nd child Daisy May) and 2 cats. I love the moon, yoga, crocheting, Netflix binge watching, and sleeping late(whenever possible). I have been and forever will be happily addicted to BtVS/Spike/Buffy/Spuffy, and it will always have a special place in my heart. *pets BtVS* I'm also a fan of Angel, Firefly, Supernatural, Bones, Game of Thrones, Castle, Trueblood, LotR, Harry Potter, LOST, Gilmore Girls, and Channing Tatum! Hahaha! 😜 It's funny how shows with preeety boys turn me into a fangirl. *sigh* I love to read Spuffy, Gilmore Girls, and Trueblood fic when I have free time (which is rare these days), and I love, Love, LOVE shoes❣

Most of the time I talk about my real life going ons, which are mostly normal, probably boring, and will include proud mommy moments, pet hair frustrations, lists of things I need to do, and possible whining...but's my life.

~Friending Policy~

If any of the above appeals to you, feel free to friend me and I will friend you right back. If you change your mind at anytime, that's fine too.

~Headers, Moodthemes, Backgrounds, and Icon Credits~
(since I am obviously graphically impaired)

Spuffy header and default icon was created by _jems_
VeggieTale Moodtheme was created by pixelbee/terrathree
Spuffy Moodtheme was created by vehiclesshockme
Spuffy Animated Moodtheme created by spikeshunny
LotR Moodtheme was created by girlfromsouth
Many Spuffy icons and Smokin' Spike header created by eyesthatslay

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