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Happy New Year everyone!!

Looking back, I've really accomplished a lot this year: I lost 36lbs and kept it off, I've been going to yoga classes 2 days a week for the last year, I finally mastered full tree pose and wheel pose(back bend), I've learned quite a bit about myself, and thanks to [ profile] eyesthatslay and [ profile] sandy_s *big squishy hugs*, I came back to LJ and have really been having fun reading fanfic again, talking about Spuffy/BtVS, and catching up with peeps I haven't talked to for a long time, and meeting new peeps as well! I had forgotten how much I love my fandom and how much I have missed this part of my life!<3

I've been on vacation this week and it has been wonderful! I've slept in almost every day, read a ton of fanfic, and a little shopping on the side! I might try to clean house on Saturday, hahaha!! :P

I hope this year blesses us all with health, wealth, love, and joy!

Be safe! *hugs*
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I finally got my Mom's gifts mailed today and she should have them by Monday! Yay! I still have a bazillion things to do before Christmas Eve, like actually decorate the tree! Haha! At least it's in the living room now. Not feeling it this year and it's supposed to be 75 degrees here on Christmas Day! Ugh! I'm really just looking forward to my scheduled vacation days and being off work from 12/24/15 to 1/4/16! And sleeping late...can't forget that!


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