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Going to an hour long yoga class at the studio still kicks your arse even if you have been doing it at home for 30 minutes each day! I'm sore and I still have to push on and do my 30 minutes today because I am sticking with my commitment!

Then I want to collapse in bed.


Jan. 7th, 2017 09:45 pm
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I went back to work last week after being off for eleven and a half days, and it was brutal! To make matters worse, four of my coworkers retired on 12/31/16 and now it's just too quiet. I just sit at my desk and yawn my head off all day. I hope the rest of us can adjust and maybe we will get more work done, or fall asleep! Haha! It's really cold here too. The high was 18 degrees today and tomorrow is supposed to be colder. I just want to hibernate and watch Netflix, but I'm making myself stick to my yoga every day routine even though I am stiff and sore. I'm doing a 31 day yoga revolution by yoga with Adriene on YouTube and so far she's been changing it up every day. Her teaching style is really close to my actual yoga studio teachers which is pretty cool. Next week I'm starting back to the studio for a class on Monday's with one of my friends and I am really looking forward to going back. I haven't been to an actual class since August.

I read through the information about the LIvejournal issues and I am keeping my LJ, but I made a Dreamwidth account and imported my journal over there just as a precaution. I just couldn't risk losing 14 years of some of my happiest life moments, and I appreciate the heads up from everyone!! It's under my same username [personal profile] amoonchilde, so I hope to see you all over there too!
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Only two days into this new month of March and it's been 65 degrees and rain and 35 degrees and snow! Hopefully Mother Nature will get her hormones leveled out soon! It's crazy! Other than the weather I've had a pretty good week so far. I've been to yoga class two days in a row and planning on going tomorrow too and last night I actually slept decent for the first time in a long time.

I hope this is a trend that stays with me for a while!
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I had a great time this past weekend! Saturday, Kaitlin's ceramics class at the University Art Warehouse was sponsoring Empty Bowls. You can go and make bowls on the pottery wheel and then they fire them and glaze them and in April they will be on sale and all the proceeds go to the Food Bank. I made 2 bowls and it was so much fun, and way harder than I ever imagined! Kaitlin is really in her element there and it's amazing watching her! She makes me so proud and I still can't believe she's 20 and a junior in college. Time really does fly by.

So this is me and my first ever bowl! Lol!

Sunday, I did nothing but sleep late and read fanfic! It was wonderful! Oh, and yoga! I have been doing yoga everyday for at least 30 minutes since last Wednesday! I'm starting to get back in my groove, and feeling pretty good.

I also took my glasses and had the eye doc check them since I couldn't see a bloody thing out of the progressive bifocal and they were way off! I now have new lenses and they are awesome, and most importantly...I can see!!

I did it...

Feb. 3rd, 2016 10:31 pm
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I got off my lazy butt today and took two yoga classes tonight at my favorite studio with my favorite teacher Gina. She's great, and probably the most genuine person I've ever met. She's kinda hippieish and such a free spirit and I have missed her these past couple of months. Her classes were just what I needed and I feel so much better!

Here's hoping for a good nights sleep.
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Happy Groundhog Day!! They say he didn't see his shadow so we should have an early spring! Omigoddess I hope so! I have been so terribly unmotivated this winter. Don't get me wrong, I have enjoyed my stay in Slugdom reading copious amounts of Fanfiction and watching Netflix, but now I need to snap out of it! I'm going back to yoga classes starting tomorrow, limiting my reading time in the evenings after work, and getting back into my weekly routine. I haven't been sleeping well, probably because I've been reading on my iPad too late at night, and my eyes have been bothering me, so I've turned the brightness down and even changed the background to sepia on the reader view, but it only helps a little. I'm hoping cutting back in the evening will help with both my sleeping and my eye issues, or maybe I just need new glasses. Lol! It really bites getting older! :P

Wishing my f-list a lovely day!
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The first week back to work after being off for 10 days was a bear! I'm so unmotivated right now! LOL! I'm totally in hibernation mode and I just want to stay home and watch tv, take naps, and read fanfic. So, I've decided I will do just that tonight and tomorrow then I'm getting off my arse. I'm starting back to yoga on Sunday and hopefully I can get out of this funk I'm in. I do this every winter, snd every year I tell myself I'm not going to. Oh well, it is what it is. On the positive side, I haven't been snacking on everything in sight so I haven't gained any weight back! Yay!

Now I'm to forage for food.
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Not much new happening with me lately other than being dog tired, and sitting here wondering why I'm on the computer rather than sleeping. Probably because I've been meaning to update for the last couple of weeks and I keep putting it off, so now when I try to sleep I start thinking...and here I am.

Going ons:
♥ I started watching the new series Trueblood on HBO last Sunday, and I really wasn't sure what to expect because I've read all the books and sometimes "teevee" doesn't do them justice, but I enjoyed the first episode and looking forward to the new one tonight. So far all the characters are really close to matching how I pictured them, now I hope they keep with the storyline.

♥ I barely exercised this week and we ate out way too much and I gained 3 pounds which is teh suck!

♥ I bought a really cute pair of yoga pants for less than 10.00 which will be getting a lot of use due to the above. Hee!

♥ The hubby cleaned the house and did laundry today while I was at work! *pets hubby*

♥ I finally finished canning and freezing vegetables! YAY!

That's about it...boring but true. :P

Hope everyone is safe and well *HUGS*
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Lately I've had a hard time being thankful for my job due to the new hours we've (unfortunately )been made to work. Going from a 9am to 5pm schedule to a 1pm to 9pm has been teh suck!! So, in trying to find something positive in all of this, I did find a few...

1. I get to sleep in for at least 2 more weeks until Kaitlin goes back to school.

2. I can get some light domestic goddess duties done in the mornings.

3. I get to do yoga twice a day!!! This is my favorite.

I'm starting to really see and feel the difference in doing two 30 minute yoga sessions a day! I've been sleeping a lot better, and it motivates me in the morning to get things done around the house.

I have to continue to find some calm amongst the chaos or I will drive myself bonkers!
Plus I wanted to use this kewl icon [ profile] eyesthatslay made! :P


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