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Today has been a hectic and tiring day so why am I still awake? I worked all day and then drove an hour to visit with my mom who is in town this weekend. We met her about 8pm for dinner and left the restaurant at about 10pm. It was great seeing her because I miss her terrible most of the time, but I was so tired. Now when I should be sleeping the sleep of the exhausted...I'm wide AWAKE!! *grrrr*

I finally changed my's totally different and unusual for me...since it's Orlando Bloom, but I loved the header(which was made and generously shared by [ profile] arthael) and colors...and he is a cutie pie that is going to be in a new movie called "Elizabethtown". This is a movie that I can't wait to see, and I haven't been excited over a movie in a long time. Maybe it's the mood I've been in lately...but it makes me happy to be gushing over something new. :D So, new fangirl musings...and just maybe this smile will be around for awhile. Ooooo! I made a rhyme. *snert*

Tomorrow will be full of shopping with my mom, and there are some much needed domestic goddess duties to tend to when I find an extra 3 days. Hee!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

*squishes the f-list*


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